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God created people (including YOU) because He wanted more to love. He wants us as part of His family, to talk to Him and be close to Him forever. But there’s a problem. We do wrong things, called sin. God is perfect and He can’t be as close to us as He wants unless we don’t have any sin in our lives. But it’s impossible for us to live perfect lives!

That’s where Jesus comes in. God planned this all out before He ever created Adam and Eve (the first humans). God planned to send His Son, Jesus, to earth to take the punishment for our sins so that we could live in relationship with God.

When Jesus came to earth, God put all our sins on Jesus in order to make us right with Him.

“All our sins have been paid for by the highest price in all the universe. They have been paid for by the blood of Jesus. Our debt has been settled, now and forever. There is nothing more we could ever do. It is done. We have been set free.

In God’s eyes now, we are as fresh and clean and pure as if we never sinned at all.

When God sees you and me, he sees Jesus. He doesn’t see all the mistakes we have made, or all the times we have messed up or disappointed him. All of that has been completely washed away.

When God sees us, he sees the pure and perfect light of his son.
Now, because of God’s great love for us, we are part of his family forever.”  (from Bible Stories for kids: Copyright Paul Dallgas-Frey)

Now we’ve been adopted in to God’s family and since Jesus is God’s Son, that means He’s our brother! He is on our side! He can be our best friend if we let Him. He’s always here for us to talk to and He loves us (that means YOU!) more than we can ever even imagine.

Jesus wants you to believe that He paid the price for your sins, and once you do, He actually comes to LIVE in your heart. And He NEVER leaves you! You have the coolest person to ever walk this earth with you ALWAYS. You may not see Him, but He’s there. Picture Him with you. He’s there all the time.