From 2/11

Pray for Tommy Franklin and family as they mourn the passing of his grandfather this week.

Pray for Gina Slack as she mourns the passing of her mother Friday.  “Heaven gained a hand full this morning. My mom has went to be with my dad. I know she is in a better place and the dynamic of our family has truly been changed forever. We will miss “The Queen” beyond words.”

From 2/15

From Chaplain  Bill Dickerson:  Please keep the town of Van Vleck, TX in your prayers.  You may have seen the news on Monday where tornadoes did much damage there.  Van Vleck is the home of the Casey family who run the SouthWest Junior Dragster Association.  They are ok.

From Chaplain Glenn Head:  Please continue to pray for my Maw Maw Mae Bell West. She has been up and down in health and yesterday she was admitted to Hospice. Prayers appreciated.

From 2/16

From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  please pray for Debbie’s mother. She is at the hospital having chest pains. She is in her 80’s. Say a prayer for Debbie and her family too.

From 2/17

Continue to pray for Chaplain Debbie Sannutti’s mother.  Her blood pressure was over 200.  They are considering moving her to a larger hospital.

(Chaplain Ricky Hayes, Region 4)  Please lift up our Region 4 Director, Chaplain Joey Keith, and his wife, Chaplain Diana. Joey is dealing with some serious back issues and is being treated. Diana is dealing with usual flu systems. Talked to Joey yesterday, and I could tell he is in some pain and discomfort, so lift up this family for grace and healing. They are true servants to us and our Lord.  (This was from the RFC prayer requests list.  Joey is also a God Speed Ministry Chaplain.)

From 2/20

From Chaplain Renee Bingham at the Shriner’s Drag Racing & Hot Rod Expo:

  1. Please pray for Susan Settlemire, Leslie Graham’s mother, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
  2. Please pray for Scott Koffel of Koffel’s place who suffered a heart attack.
  3. I spoke with Linda Vaughn who suffered a heart attack 2 weeks after her husband’s death.  She asked for prayer for her heart surgery on March 15.

From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  Please keep Deb’s mom in your prayers as she goes to Jacksonville FL for a heart cath on Tuesday.

This was a hard weekend for the drag racing community as several people graduated to heaven leaving loved ones behind to begin the process of celebrating their lives and adjusting to a new reality.

Please keep Chaplains Pattie & Gene and Glenn Head in your prayers as Gene’s mother, Mae Bell West died Monday morning at 3:15 a.m.

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Please keep Jim Pharr in your prayers.  His wife Rhonda fell Saturday and died from her head injuries.

From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  Please keep the family of Frank Lambert in your prayers.  He passed away this weekend at home from dementia.  Renee Bingham spoke with the family; it will be Tuesday before they can make the arrangements.  Please keep his father Allen and all family in your prayers.  They certainly appreciate the prayers and what folks have done through the Bridge The Gap Fund.

From Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile:  1.  A co-worker’s daughter, Linda Kay, is going into detox for medication abuse.

2.  Also healing for my lower back which has been pain for a week.

Praise, Requests & Updates

From 1/28

From Chaplain Richard Guy:  My good friend’s son is in intensive care. Had what they thought was successful operation, but something happened to his spleen. The son’s name is Patrick, and it looks like he may not make it.

From Jeff Miles:  If everyone could please take a moment and say a prayer for my wonderful friends Stephenie Dukes-Johnson and Family, she is going through some rough times with her health and need all the prayers we can shower upon her. Chris has asked for God to please help him so things are getting more serious. She has mrsa staff infection in her blood stream and pneumonia as well. She just had a bone marrow transplant a few months back and is still fighting to recover.

From Renee Bingham:

Please pray for Bob Brockmeyer as he mourns the passing of his mother this week.

Please pray for Angie Travis as she mourns the passing of her mother this week.

Please pray for a dear friend’s husband, Dan Sweat, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Cancer and a rare disease called Stouffers Syndrome which shut down his liver in July.  The doctors only gave him a few months.  God is working.  Please join the family and friends in praying for his recovery.  His son & daughter are in their junior year of college.

Praise report from Chaplain Carol Rix:  Thank you all for your prayers. Surgery was successful.

From 2/1

From Chaplain Steve Longmire:  add Walter and Sharon Morrow to the prayer list. Walter is a staple in the Abilene racing community, and his wife Sharon if fighting pancreatic cancer right now, undergoing treatment needs strength and peace.

Pray for Chaplains Joe & Debbie Sannutti, Debra Tankersley as they minister at the IHRA Immokalee Summit Sportsman National Championship Event this weekend.

Praise Report from Chaplain Richard Guy:  Great news.  The Lord has answered prayer once again.  Patrick had emergency surgery, and it was a success, repairing the damage to his spleen.  He went from not much hope to expected full recovery. Patrick is only 35, and just been married a year.  Thank you to all of the prayer warriors.

From Chaplain Pattie Head:  Please pray for Helen Stewart who is going to Durham Thursday morning for an MRI.  She will also see the doctor about qualifying for the Duke Study targeting her cancer.  Helen has asked us to pray:

  1. She qualifies for the study.
  2. God heals her miraculously, whether He uses this study or another way.
  3. Most importantly, God get all the glory in and through her life.


From 2/5

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:

  1. Please keep the family of Donald Hugh in your prayers.  Donald had a heart attack this week and died.
  2. David Wallace’s 92 year old mother has to have the battery changed in her pacemaker.  Please be in prayer for her as she goes through this procedure.  Her age causes concern.

From Anne Flynt:  Scott Duggins niece’s little boy has Pneumonia. Please pray for him.


From Tammie Smith:  I just pray Scott gets his strength back close to where he was. Also that he doesn’t experience the side effects possible with the new anti-seizure medication. We are supposed to follow up with a neurologist.


From Renee Bingham: 

  1. Please pray for Shayna Evans who is in the hospital.  Her seizures have gotten more severe, to the point of grand mal.  Please pray for her complete recovery. 
  2. Continued prayers for Frank Lambert who is bed bound due to health issues.  Pray for his wife who is his caretaker.
  3. Pray for Roxanne Beam.  She was diagnosed with cancer over 2 years ago.  The doctors gave her 6 weeks to 2 years.  She continues to battle this disease with treatments, prayer and faith.  Please pray for her healing this side of heaven.

From 2/7

       Funeral for Donald Hughes

The visitation is at Cook Walden in Pflugerville, Tx. Visitation is Thursday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The funeral is Friday at 3:30 PM at Cook Walden in Pflugerville, Tx.

From Chaplain Pattie Head:  Please  be in prayer for my mother-in-law, Mae Bell West, who is in ICU.  Pray for her to be well and get her strength back.  They hope to move her out of ICU today.

From Chaplain Renee Bingham:

  1. Pray for those who still mourn.  May God strengthen them and enable them to finish their course strong.
  2. Pray Anne Jackson who is dealing with stress and issues.
  3. Prayer request from Amber Tull:  Please pray for my daughter, my husband and me (Jamie, Amber and Alana Tull). We are all facing some health issues. Thank you!
  4. From Rose Janis:  I need prayer. Feel like I’ve been stuck in this same mind set for years after I lost my husband. Having a tough time moving forward. I know God is there but I’m not.


From 1/24

Update from Sandie Wojnowski:  I’m home. I had stones in the biliary ducts of my liver. The Dr did an ERCP and removed them. 4 days in the hospital is 4 days to many. Sunday was my 70th Birthday!! What a way to spend your Birthday!  I’m doing really good. I feel very blessed for all the prayers. Thank you to all of you.

Please be in prayer for Chaplain Debra Tankersley and her family as they  mourn the passing of her brother Ronnie.

From 1/23

From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:       Would you please lift us, my husband and I along with all the chaplains for GodSpeed and RFC, up in prayer as we make our 2017 schedule that God would open doors and windows of opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more people at different tracks and venues, to have all the funds and resources that we need to fulfill the great commission of “Go ye into all the world “, to be filled with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit so that ” these signs will follow them that believe” and boldly accomplish what Jesus declared  “and greater things than these shall you do in my name (Jesus)”.  That we all  have safe travelling journeys and mercies, that we go in health and safety, with love and joy and peace in our hearts and homes and families. May 2017 be our best year yet in Jesus name.

     We are needing a motorhome or toter unit, that is suitable to pull our race trailer.  God knows what we need so please join us in faith & prayer declaring “that my God -Jehovah Jireh- shall provide for all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”   Thank-You  God Bless   Irena Broadfoot  Chaplain Region 6 Sask Canada  P.S.  if anyone knows of a good used motor-toter home  please let us know, and yes we would do a road trip to come and look. Thanks  Irena B

From Chaplain Carol Rix:  I will be having surgery this Friday, the 27th, on my brain stimulator. Prayers please.

From Chaplain Renee Bingham:  Please be in prayer for a friend who got e-coli after a colonoscopy and is back in the hospital.

Please be in prayer for another friend who got an infection and gangrene and other complications after surgery.

Please be in prayer for Shayna Evans, the handicapped child we helped.  She has pressure on the brain which could be the cause of the seizures.  She has an appointment with one of the best neurologists in Atlanta.  Mom Tracey is asking for prayer for Shayna’s healing and provision of finances to get to all these appointments.

Praise:  my mom Irene came  home from the hospital on Friday.  She continues to recover her health and strength.  Thank you for your prayers.

Please be in prayer for the owner and staff of South Georgia Motorsports Park as they repair the damage done by the tornadoes.

Pray for all those lost loved ones, homes, businesses and property in the tornadoes this weekend.

Pray for the family of the racer in Australia who died in a crash.

Please pray for Susan Rigg as she deals with the death of 2 young people in her life within 10 days.  It’s a hard thing to reconcile.

From Ben Krakora:  Please pray for the uncle John B. He’s in the hospital for heart issues.

From 1/17

From Sandie Wojnowski:  I have been in hospital-Sunday noon till ?  Lots of tests. I thought it was pancreatitis but no it’s stones in my liver / biliary tree of my liver. Tomorrow I am going to surgery to hopefully take them out. Will see when they get in there. Prayers Please. I have Faith all will be good. It’s all in God’s plan and his hands.

From Chaplain Jerry Blazier:  Please pray for Jean Dickerson, Chaplain Bill Dickerson’s wife.

From 1/16

From Ryker Blanton (Abundant Life Camp alumni):  pray for two of my friends one of them lost their mother last night and the other one lost his grandmother.

Prayers are needed for Allen Lambert as he deals with health issues.

Please pray for Sybil Bralley, IHRA D9 photographer Dan Bralley’s mother.  She was in a hit and run accident.  She had her second surgery today:  Facial reconstruction, broken leg, rod and screws, broken shoulder, screws and plates, fractured wrist, lots of stitches.  Pray for her as she recovers.


From Rachel Slack (daughter of Greg Slack):  We started cleaning out my old room today and I ran across all my old birthday cards from the year I turned 13, roughly 1 week after my dad was diagnosed with cancer. The majority of the cards came from our racing family at IHRA, a family that is spread up and down the east coast. Reflecting back I realize that I was never able to properly thank all the men and women that came together to support our family during that time. So thank you all so very much. I miss seeing your smiling faces every weekend and hope to get back out there soon. Godspeed!


Update on Betty Robinson:  Got the test results from the Ultrasound and I have a Possible Gallstone and Kidney Stone.  I am to treat it as I am currently doing with the Probiotics they have me on and I have to add Gas-X to the treatment.  Plus I know to drink water  more and more.  Praise God!  It could have been so much more.  He will get me through this.  I have to say I am feeling much better than last week but still not my normal self.  They told me to give it a couple of more days and if not back to my normal self – I go back to the Dr.  Thanks for all of the prayers through this.


 From Tracey Evans:  Shayna has finally been accepted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.  Praying for finances to get her there.  Her acceptance is an answer to prayer.  I know God will make a way.

From Chaplain Renee Bingham:  Please continue to pray for my mother who has bronchitis.

From chaplain Joe Sannutti:  Please pray for the family of George Howard who passed away today.  From FB:  Carol Shackelford Cooper  It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my Uncle George Howard. He was well known in the Drag Racing community. He owned several tracks from one end of this state to the other. He was also known in the trucking community. George has sold trucks for 25+ years in the Birmingham area. Please remember his wife, daughters, grandkids, and especially his mom, who is also my grandmother in your prayers.

From Bill Dickerson

 1. Pray for the Magee family.  Mike Eli’s dad passed away yesterday.

2.  Jimmy Farmer is in the hospital.  Pray for his healing.

Requests & Updates

From 12/20

Please pray for Tony Honeycutt, Harold Honeycutt’s brother.  His wife was killed in a car accident Monday morning.  This will be a very tough week for the family as they deal with this tragedy. (Harold & Anita are Board members for God Speed as well as race Super Rod.)

Please keep Sharon Ramlow in your prayers.   Her mother passed away this morning.

From Chaplain Deborah Tankersley:  Please be in prayer for my family. My sister in-law is slowly trying to recover from stroke and open heart surgery, brother in-law broke both ankles last month. I have two nieces that are not doing well, one from bleeding near spleen and the other cancer. And my older brother who has been fighting cancer for several years is in end stage. I feel blessed but realize that each day is very precious.

From 12/27

From Tracey Evans.  Her oldest daughter has fluid and scar tissue built up around her heart.

From 12/28

From Chaplain Carol Rix:  Please pray for our homeless friend that lived with us! She had a heart attack today and is waiting for a surgeon to see what needs to be done! Her name is Mari. Blessings, Chaplain Carol & Tom Rix

From 12/30

Chaplain Debbie Sannutti just called.  They are rushing Joe (her husband) to the hospital with what appears to be another heart attack.  Please be in prayer for them.  Debbie was quite upset.
UPDATE: From Chaplain Renee Bingham:  I spoke with Debbie Sannutti today.  Joe had another 100% blockage caused by a clot in the same artery as the last one 2 weeks ago.  The doctors were able to get it opened again.  Joe was sitting in the recliner this morning.  “The doctors say Joe is doing everything right on his end and the medicines are working.  It’s just one of those things,” Debbie said.  Continued prayers for  him as he recovers from heart attack #6.
UPDATE: Joe is now home. Thank you for your prayers.

From 1/1

Please keep Chaplain Matt Collier’s family in your prayers. His 87 year old grandmother passed away around 6:00 a.m. Jan. 1, 2017 from complications following a fall and broken hip.  Please pray for peace and comfort for his mother Marie and all the family in NC, FL, MI, CA.

From Tonya Whitley Bell on Facebook:  I have lost my best friend today. Perry went to heaven to hang out with God, his mom and dad and hey. My mother too. He had a massive coronary in his sleep and did not wake up for his alarm. I and Tyler Bell are in shock. He did not want a funeral service but instead wanted a memorial party here at the house. So that is what we are going to. More information as I know it. He is finally pain free. I love you Perry Bell. You have my heart with you.

Please be in prayer for this family as they mourn his passing.


From Chaplain Debbie Sannutti:  Please pray! I have Joe at the ER with chest pains!  He will be transported to Savannah to his cardiologist. He’s in a lot of pain.
UPDATE: They just finished with him.  He did have a heart attack. The stents he had a couple of years  ago were clogged and where he had open heart surgery was clogged. They got it all opened up and he’s in an ICU room now. We’re waiting to get in to see him. They hope to go home 12/20. 

From Dec 15

Pray for Tracey Evan’s older daughter who will have surgery to remove her thyroid on Friday.

Pray for a dear friend who is having health issues:  may God reveal the cause and provide healing.

Please pray for Sharon Ramlow’s mother who is in hospice, may she let go of this world peacefully.  Pray for strength and peace for Sharon as she walks her mother’s form through this journey.  Dementia took “her” years ago.

Pray for Chaplain Debbie Sannutti’s mother as she has 3 blockages and is waiting to see what treatment will be needed.

Lori Ryan from To a Tee her mom passed away December 6th. Lori’s mom has not been well for years, fighting serious issues.

One of our racers who was a big part of IHRA is going through some issues and changes personally and could use prayer.

Pray for a race family who is dealing with family addiction and all the emotions associated.


From Dec 12



Please be in prayer for IHRA Official Danny Waters Sr.  He’s been on crutches for 30 days.  The doctors discovered he has fractured bones.  Pray for him as he heals.

Pray for William as he recovers from shoulder surgery and his wife as she cares for him.

Pray for IHRA & MDIR Announcer Fabian Brown and his father who was taken by ambulance to the hospital this Monday morning.

Pray for Shayna Evans who has been continually sick for the last month.  Her surgery was rescheduled for the 15th – this week.  Please pray for her healing.

Pray for Diane Ellis as she recovers from another foot surgery.


From Dec 6

From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:  I have a prayer request.  While we were travelling down to Montana, we stopped for breakfast at a little diner.  When the waitress brought our food, I asked her if there was anything that she would like prayer for as we were saying grace before our meal.  She said that her 15 year old sister Victoria had tried to commit suicide and was in the psych ward at the hospital.  She wanted to stand there as we prayed, so we joined hands with her,  prayed over the situation, believing and declaring that God will restore what the enemy tried to steal in Jesus name.

     We had to drive through a blizzard, icy roads with zero visibility at times, spoke to the storms in Jesus name and they subsided.  Now that I think back, I wonder if the enemy was trying to thwart our travels so we would not speak our Heavenly Father’s love and peace into that situation.

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Jack Robinson Sr passed away at the age of 98.  He would still be racing if they had permitted him to do so.  His sons Jack Jr and Jay have asked me to hold the graveside service Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. at West Forest East, League City, TX.  I will preside over the memorial service next week and will send  you the details when they are completed.  Please keep the Robinson family and their friends in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

From Tuesday 11/29

From Chaplain Gary Bingham:

1.       James Devine’s 13-year-old daughter tried to commit suicide Saturday night.  She is doing fine right now but James requests prayer to try to figure out why she had rather die than live with them.  James is a customer at our auto repair shop.

2.       Frank Teague’s best friend Monroe passed away.  Please be in prayer for Frank and all of Monroe’s family and friends.

From Chaplain Renee Bingham:

1.       Please be in prayer for Shayna Evans, the 15-year-old handicapped child whom we’ve helped her and her mother get a home and a vehicle.  Shayna has been having seizures, as many as 17 in a night.  She goes in for surgery tomorrow in Greenville SC for a corpus callosotomy on her brain.  Please pray for this child to be whole.

2.       My brother Scott and wife Helen lost a home in the Gatlinburg TN wildfires.  They rented part of the home.  The renters had no insurance and lost everything.  Scott & Helen used it as a vacation home too.

3.       Pray for the wildfire situation in Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge TN as well as the continued wildfires in NC.  So many homes and businesses are burned to the ground.  Some people have lost loved ones, their homes and businesses.  Please pray for comfort and strength for them.  Pray for the firefighters and chaplains responding to the area.  Thank God for the rain.  This should help.

4.       Pray for the Motorsports Prayer Summit at the PRI show next Friday, Dec. 9th, Chapel Service & Motorsports Ministry Roundtable on Saturday, Dec. 10th.  All are welcome to attend.

From Wednesday 11/30

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Gary Risk passed away overnight.  He raced the High Risk Super Rod/Gas car in IHRA/NHRA and was well known in Division 4.  Please keep Gary’s family in your prayers as they grieve his passing.


From 11/4

From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:  I have a prayer request for myself…the medication that i have been on is causing some bad reactions, with the doctors permission stopped the meds to see if symptoms lessened (they are diminishing daily thank-you Jesus) but are concerned as the inner ocular pressures were going up,  they want to do surgery in 2 weeks.  Am doing an intensive natural approach to resolve this issue.  We are standing on the word of God that declares “recovery of sight” in the name of Jesus Messiah.  Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18  Thank -You & Shalom   Irena B Area 6 Canada God Speed

From 11/5

From Mark Elms:  Please pray for my son Mark.  He is being asked to make some very large work related decisions that would take him out of the area.  He needs wisdom and guidance from God.  Of course money is involved but I know money isn’t everything.  Thank you and God bless you all.

From 11/12

Please be in prayer for Chaplain Kenny Bomar as he ministers at the season closer at Memphis International Raceway this weekend.  Chapel Service at 9:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited.

Pray for Shayna Evans, the handicapped child who was on our prayer list two weeks ago.  Shayna has pneumonia and  has been having seizures many nights which exhausts her.  The praise report for her and her mother Tracey is thanks to the generosity of so many, they now have a car to get Shayna to the doctor for treatment and they now have a home.  Just two weeks ago they were homeless due to a series of circumstances.  Also pray for them as they continue to mourn the passing of Tracey’s mom this spring.  Life has definitely been cruel to these two but God is demonstrating His love and provision through the kindness of His people.

Pray for  western North Carolina where 25 counties are under a state of emergency due to the wild fires raging out of control.  People are being evacuated from their homes and businesses.  Pray for the firefighters for protection, wisdom and safety.

Also pray for rain for the western part of North Carolina which is under a severe drought which is feeding the fires.  But pray for the eastern part of North Carolina as they continue the recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew last month.

Unspoken request with great need.

Pray for unity for America.

Pray for Godly counselors to be around President Elect Donald Trump.

Pray for laborers for motorsports ministry.

Requests, Updates, Praises

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  please be prayer for Chris Gulitti who was involved in a pit vehicle accident at the SJDA event. Chris has severe pain in his shoulder, and pain in his hip. He hit his head as well as having cuts and bruises. He is being taken by ambulance to LSU hospital. Pray that God knit Chris back together wholly and quickly as well as healing the skin and muscles. Pray for peace for his wife Geri and dad Georgia who are with him.
Thanks to the 150 or so people who gathered around him at the scene of the accident and prayed for him immediately.

Praise Update:

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  the doctors put Chris Gulitti’s shoulder back in the socket and released him. No further injuries required medical attention. Praise God.

From Renee Bingham:  pray for mom Tracy who is homelessness. Circumstances and situations have forced her out or prior arrangements due to injury and threat of injury to her sick, handicapped daughter. She has used all her savings staying in hotels. Several people are trying to find solutions. Pray for wisdom and provision.

Praise Update:

From Renee Bingham:  someone paid for 3 nights at a hotel. Someone helped her sign up for living assistance through online. This can take 30 to 45 days but she has seen God’s hand through the kindness of His people. Continued prayers for them as they make this journey into a stable life.

From 10/26

From Irena B. Area 6 chaplain Watrous Sask. Canada:   We have a prayer request…a young lady has married a man from Africa, they have been together for 4 years.  they just received notification from the government stating that he must leave Canada and return to Africa as his refugee status has been declined.   they both have good jobs here, were planning a great future together and wanted to start a family; but now everything is in limbo, they are both heart broken.  But GOD can change all this around.  Please join me in prayer that a favorable outcome can be reach before he is deported.  We have dined with them several times,  a great couple who believe in Jesus.  Thank-you  God Bless

From Chaplain Jerry Blazier from SWJDA at Little River Raceway:

1.       Cathy-surgery to remove her tongue

2.       Our children

3.       Our country

4.       Leon has Leukemia and his wife Francis having problem dealing with it

5.       Mathew a racing accident

From the PDRA World Finals at VMP:

1.       Jim Sachuvich’s mother has a tumor in her mouth.

2.       Will Smith’s father is recovering from bypass surgery.

3.       Pray for those who mourn the passing of Larry Sullivan.

4.       Continued prayers for Greg & Merri Bunsold as they mourn their daughter’s death.

5.       Prayers for Ian Tocher as he recovers from another surgery.  Pray for healing of the graft.

6.       Abby Garabedian has cancer


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