Racer’s Prayers

Racers’ Race Day Prayer

Before I start my engine, Lord, I need to talk to you.

And ask your blessing for what I’m about to do.

I give you all the credit for it’s only by your grace,

that I am at this starting line, to run another race.

The road that lies before me now uncertain it may be,

but I can face this challenge Lord, if you will ride with me.

Prepare my heart, mind, soul and give me strength, Protect me from all harm.

With ever-present danger everywhere, hold me safely in your arms.

Lord bless my competition, my crew, my fans, my friends and family,

May they know your LOVE for them, and see that love in me.


Prayer from: http://marcmadison.bizland.com/prayer.html


The Racer’s Prayer   Author Unknown

Lord, I pray as I race today,

Keep me safe along the way.

Not only me, but the others, too,

As we compete, drive hard, drive true.

Lord Jesus, I know that in a race,

It’s my desire to set the pace,

But in the race through life I pray,

Help me dear Jesus, along the way,

I know, dear God, I am a sinner,

But through the blood of Jesus,

I am an eternal winner.

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