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God of Grace and Mercy,
Hear our prayer today.
We come to You the giver and resource of life.
We come asking a fresh release of Your power for us and upon us.

We come seeking You for in Your presence is joy forevermore.
We crave joy in our lives.
Redirect our steps toward true, pure joy
And away from the glittering, beckoning counterfeits.

Father, release Your peace upon us.
Let us open the doors of our hearts and minds to receive it.
Let us cast out all doubt and fear which occupies those spaces.
Let us receive the fullness of You.
O Prince of Peace come abide with us today.
Pervade our beings with Your peace, Your Shalom.
Ahhhh…….sweet peace come in…….

King of Righteousness come with healing in Your wings.
We lift our cares, our infirmities, our wounded souls to You.
You are Healer.
You are Deliverer.
You are Ruler over all darkness.
Darkness is as light to You.
So here we lift to You our unrighteousness,
All that will not be in heaven – sin, sickness, sorrow.
We lay them at Your feet as Your footstool,
For that is where You desire them to be….
Rather than in us.
We feel the release.
We feel the lightness as the burden leaves us.
We feel the life and energy return to our bodies.

Praise the God of Heaven!
Mighty in power and glory.
Healer of all mankind.
Prince of Peace.
King of Righteousness.
Hallelujah! We are redeemed!
Blessed by the Lord God Almighty: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Amen and Amen!

InVision Chaplains